Welcome to SvennyG’s Talk To Me

Ever since Kindergarden, I have had something to say, some opinion, some perspective about anything and everything! I am a genuinely curious person who does not mind sharing my thoughts and opinions. To go along with that, I LOVE HOME COOKED FOOD!! So, I am doing my best here to try to combine my social and curious personality with my love and interest in cooking, and mostly, EATING GOOD HOME COOKED FOOD!!!

What’s Happening

Life is interesting…. this week, I found myself talking to my oldest son today, who is 12, about responsibility and respect. I am hoping that my youngest son, 8, who I know was listening to our conversation at least picked up some type of cliff notes version of what we talked about. I am strict, my kids know I am strict, my kids friends know I am strict, even my kids friends parents know that I am strict. However, I also am very generous as I give my kids freedom that many kids don’t get to experience. It is a two-way street with me…. show me respect and responsibility and your world is wide open. Show me the opposite, your world is shut down!

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